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Monica's Story

by Andrew Morton $14.97

Monica Lewinsky has been at the center of the most sensational political storm of our time...yet she has not said one word publicly about the scandal. Now, in MONICA'S STORY, Andrew Morton can reveal the real Monica Lewinsky behind the sordid headlines. Like Morton's bestselling DIANA: HER TRUE STORY, the book is based on long, tape-recorded interviews with the subject, her family and friends. We've heard from Clinton, Starr, Congress and the pundits. Now it's time for MONICA'S STORY.


Book cover
The Testament
by John Grisham $19.57

Troy Phelan is a self-made billionaire, one of the richest men in the United States. Nate O'Riley is a high-octane Washington litigator who's lived too hard, too fast, for too long. Rachel Lane is a young woman who chose to give her life to God. In a story that mixes legal suspense with a remarkable adventure, their lives are forever altered by the startling secret of The Testament. The Testament is classic Grisham: a down-and-out lawyer, a lot of money, an action-packed pursuit, and the highest issues at stake.

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